Wide angle view of the Wildfire Ranch stables.

Meet our horses!

Our beautiful horses are the heart of our trail rides, lessons and therapy. The barn is home to eleven experienced trail horses, each with their own personalities and skills. We have horses to suit every skill level.

Most of our horses are 'gaited' which means an extra smooth ride with less bounce. Most public trail stable horses are elderly and are obviously worn out. Our horses have passion and personality making for a lively interaction for our riders during our trail rides. Come stay with us and get to know our remarkable horses for an even more life-changing experience at Wildfire Ranch!


Shekinah (meaning, "Living in the presence of God") is a Clydesdale and Paint cross. Clydesdales were made famous by the Budweiser horses and are known for being powerhouse horses able to pull ridiculous amounts of weight. Paint horses are multi-colored Quarter-horses, usually brown, black and white. Shekinah has a smoky-black coloring like Legacy and also has his white blaze and white socks (we call this having lots of 'chrome'!). She stands a solid 16 hands, 14 years and will carry our heavier riders 225-275 pounds on trails. She was owned by the Amish and so is our only horse trained to pull carriages.

Freedom the horse.


Vision is a stunningly unusual albino-white horse with two crystal blue eyes. He is a quarter-horse breed and stands 14.3 hands, the size of a small horse or large pony. Vision is 14 years old and is spunky but well-behaved. He enjoys taking the lead and jumping logs on trail rides. He is trained to give riding lessons in the arena and our guests love his adorable personality. Vision is one of those horses that wants a job, wants to be needed.

Freedom the horse.


This stunning gelding stands 15.1 hands and is a dark steel gray/black with 4 white socks and a white blaze. Legacy is a Tennessee Walker breed with a grand-daddy who boasts a World Grand Championship. He is gentle enough for 12 year old children to take on trails and adults love his smooth running walk at the trot. Legacy is in his prime at just 9 years old.


Glory is a Tennessee Walker, very eager-to-please and smooth to ride. Her riders absolutely love her because she is not easy to spook, respects her commmands and does not buck, rear or bolt. Glory had two babies beore she came to us, and was not even trained to ride. Within just 30 days she was one of our dependable trail horses. Glory is one of our horses that anyone can ride.

Glory close up.


Not for the faint of heart, this black beauty is middle-aged at 16 years old, and a full-blooded Tennessee Walking Mare. Image was once shown competetively in modeling classes and seems to know that she is the "Jennifer Lopez" of the horse world! She is spirited and will only tolerate riders who know what they are doing. However, if you are confident, "Image is it," as one guest put it. She has a smooth Tennessee running walk, incredible canter, will steer by leg pressure alone, and is beautiful enough to turn heads wherever you go. Image is the total package and gives her riders trailrides that they never forget.


The flashiest horse in the barn, this magnificent beauty is a rare breed called a Friesian, one of the breeds that medieval knights used when riding into battle. Friesians are more muscular than our other breeds and naturally lift their legs higher when they move than other horses do. Jerusalem is extremely intelligent, picking up commands quickly and performing in both the ring and on trails. For people who know horses, she is the one that makes them stop and stare with a "Wow!"


Our stunning golden Palomino gets looks whever he goes, and has been nicknamed "Fabio" for his long golden hair. Sundance is magnificent under saddle, with a canter that could rock you to sleep. More spirited than Lincoln and Glory, we usually only put confident riders on him as he will test his riders sometimes with a sudden turn left or prancing in pace on the way back to the barn. Regardless, this golden boy is obedient enough to make him one of the most popular horses in the barn.


Phoenix Rising is a 12 year old Missouri Fox Trotter, the same breed as Lincoln. Phoenix is one of the tallest taller than Lincoln standing an intimidating 16 hands. But like Lincoln, Phoenix is very calm, non spooky and amazingly smooth-gaited to ride. Phoenix stands out as a stunning cremel0-palomino coloring. As a result, amongst our guests Phoenix is one of the most requested horses in the barn!


Providence is a stunningly beautiful Rocky Mountain Saddle Horse, standing 15.2 hands. She exhibits all the qualities for which her breed is famous including the unusual dark chocolate coloring with flaxen blonde mane and tail, sane-minded temperment and sure-footedness. Like all of our gaited horses, Providence trots with a smooth gait barely causing any bounce for the rider. She is gentle enough for beginners and has already become one of the most popular horses in the barn.


Braveheart is a mix of Spotted Saddle and Morgan breeds. Although not gaited at the trot, his canter is so smooth it has been described as a flying carpet ride'. Braveheart is very athletic so he is being trained as a hunter jumper to teach our English riding lesson students who want to learn jumping. He is a 14 year old copper-colored gelding standing an impressive 15.2 hands. Braveheart is gentle enough for our beginner riders. Our guests love his curious personality as he loves to pull on zippers and buttons. Braveheart lived the first 14 years of his life in almost total seclusion with his dam (mother) in a wooded area. Now he is enjoying a new life working with his new herd family of horses.

Braveheart close up.


This little gelding stands just 38 inches tall, called a 'miniature pony'. Noah has competed at horse shows in cart-pulling classes and won many ribbons with his previous owner. At Wildfire Ranch he thrills our guests with his 'can-do' attitude, pulling adults and children wherever they wish in his little 2-seater cart. Noah is brown, black and white and very friendly. Both children and adults love receiving old-fashioned carriage rides from little Noah and his little cart!

Noah close up.
Navajo up close.


Navajo is a 7 year old mix of Arabian and Tennessee Walker. He is extra tall for an Arabian-looking horse standing at 15.1 hands. He has the classic dish-shaped head of an Arabian but the body of one of our walking horses. Navajo is bit more spirited than some of our horses so better suited to intermediate riders. He is brave and has a very sane-minded temperment which makes him a fantastic trail horse. Navajo is extremely athletic so he is being trained for barrel-racing to teach our riding lesson students who are interested in learning this Western sport!

Navajo full body.


Freedom is a 7 year old Tennessee Walking horse gelding, standing 15.1 hands he is a stunning brown, black and white paint. Freedom is extremely smooth-gaited at his Tennessee Running Walk and is rapidly becoming a requested favorite from our thousands of trail-riding guests. Because we suspect he was shown competitively, Freedom is fantastic in the ring as well so is used frequently for riding lessons.

Freedom the horse.


Sadly, we had to say goodbye to Delight as she passed away in July 2019. She was the equivalent of 100 human years old! Wait for us in heaven beloved pony!

Standing only 14.3 hands, she was actually large for a pony, right at the cut-off between pony and horse. Delight had the fine-boned beauty and endurance that Arabians are famous for, but the calm obedience and sure-footedness of Connemara ponies. She was a champion show-jumper and mother of 5 foals before she came to us as a children's lesson horse. Delight was one of the most trustworthy horses we had, and taken many children on mountain trails in complete safety.


Promise is a Kentucky Mountain Saddle Horse, a breed closely related to Trinity and Montana our Rocky Mountain horses. She is 15 hands tall and gentle enough for 9 year old children to take out on trails. Promise is only 12 years old and smooth-gaited at the trot like all of our gaited horses. She also has a liquid smooth canter. We love Promise for being very beginner-safe for any rider!

Promise has been retired to a forever loving home where she is ridden lightly and relaxing the 'couch-potato' life at pasture. We will always remember you Prommy


Absolutely one of our most popular horses and the most demanded by our guests, Lincoln is a Missouri Fox Trotter gelding. Due to his magnificent coloring as a brown, black and white paint and his relatively rare breed, Lincoln was a breeding stallion until he was 10 years old. When he arrived at our ranch, he had only been ridden for two years but took to it as though he had been a trail horse for a decade. In fact, this boy is so dependable that we took him in parades to show off his even temperment and his glorious coloring!

We have re-homed Lincoln to our sister ranch in Friendship New York, Wildfire Ranch of Western New York.