Horse Therapy Week-long Retreat

How would you like to live on a real horse dude ranch for a 6 day and 5 night getaway?   By popular demand Wildfire Ranch is now offering week-long retreats for our guests wanting to live on our horse ranch.  During your dude ranch experience you will receive equine therapy for depression and anxiety (if desired) or you can just choose to experience horse ranch life daily.

A typical dude ranch day is filled with barn chores like calling the horses in from pasture and thrilling to the thunderous sound of their hooves as they gallop in as well as feeding and watering and mucking stalls afterward.  Then it is on to the fun activities which involve one-on-one contact with the horses as you learn to groom and tack them for riding.  Additionally, you will  learn all about horse behavior and the various breeds; the difference between English and Western riding styles; and how to walk, trot and canter any horse in any style.

Everyday during your dude ranch retreat you will either be receiving the enormous benefits of horse therapy for depression or experiencing unforgettable horseback trail ride adventures into the Bald Eagle State Forest.  We will mix in a few horse lessons in our ring for those who want to better their riding skills and even horse training lessons for our guests dreaming of running their own ranches.   To add some luxury to your week we include one massage therapy session with a professionally-licensed therapist nearby! 


Campfire nights, visits to the Amish stores nearby, hours reading on our 1,400 sq. ft. covered deck and picnics on the screened-in porch round out your fantasy week at Wildfire's Therapy Retreat for A Week. 

Cost*:  $995 for the week or $195/night for shorter stays. Your week-long (6 day and 5 night) retreat package will include:

  • Five (5) nights lodging in one of our fully-furnished guest rooms.
  • Two (2) Meals Daily (your choice of breakfast, lunch or dinner)
  • Three (3) hours daily of horse therapy (guest can combine therapy sessions with    instructional horse-riding lessons if desired!)
  • One (1) horseback trail ride adventure into the state forest for 2.5 hours (will replace the  therapy session for that day)
  • One (1) hour daily participation in ranch work including brushing and feeding horses.
  • Two (2) discussion sessions to understand the effects of the horse therapy.
  • One (1) visit to a nearby Amish store
  • One (1) massage therapy session from a nearby professional therapist.

You will participate in all of the daily activities on our horse dude ranch while receiving equine therapy for anxiety, depression and despair, if needed. 

For those who want to enjoy life on a horse dude ranch without the therapy we will substitute other activities in the place of the therapy sessions. 

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*Fees can be made in payments, by cash or credit card

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